About Drum Depot

Drum Depot opened in December 2011 and was the brain child of Brett Sawmy & Mark Brownhill. Inspired by the lack of dedicated drum stores and driven by their passion for music and drumming, they decided the only way forward was to open their very own drum store.

Brett is a respected and accomplished drummer, having been signed by Parlophone/EMI as part of the band Ether, he has toured the UK and Europe gaining valuable experience. He’s also worked with famous producers including Al Stone (Jamiroquai), Donal Hodgson (Sting & The Police), and Roy Spong (The Cure & Oasis).

Brett’s experience covers a broad spectrum so he’s not only able to give advice on drum related questions, he’s also pretty savvy when it comes to all things band related. He’s now able to take all that he’s gained from the last 20 years and put it into his very own business.

Mark is a successful local businessman and experienced gigging drummer, who you can frequently see showing off his skills on the local gigging circuit.

Between them, Brett & Mark have successfully established Wales’ largest drum store, stocking all major brands such as DW, Ludwig, Yamaha, Pearl, Mapex, Gretsch, Roland, Remo, Evans, Meinl, Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Istanbul and many more! 4000 sq ft of drums, percussion, electronics, cymbals & accessories.

Drum Depot doesn’t just sell stuff though, there’s also a dedicated teaching area, DD tutors, regular drum clinics, service and repair facilities and of course the DD Crew are always on hand with friendly helpful advice.

Drum Depot has a simple, yet hugely important philosophy and that is… support local. The DD Crew love it when you visit the store, browse through the gear & give your support to a local independent business. We even throw in a cup of tea or coffee!

So if it’s a new kit you’re after then look no further or if your drums need a bit of TLC then we’re the guys to help, or if you’re simply looking for some advice on tuning, heads or lessons then Drum Depot has it covered. Pay us a visit. We guaranteed you won’t be disappointed.