Pearl Roadshow (5pc Kit) with Hardware and Cymbals in Bronze Metallic

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THE RHYTHM IS IN YOU …the right gear is essential for setting it free. No toys or hand-me-downs; a new, complete drum set package with everything you need to start your rhythmic journey to the big time.


  • Four exclusive covered finishes
  • 9 ply 7mm Shells
  • Double Braced Hardware included
  • 1.6mm Triple Flanged Hood
  • Matching Wood Snare Drum
  • Cymbals included

This Kit Includes

  • 10″ x 7″ Tom Tom
  • 12″ x 8″ Tom Tom
  • 14″ x 14″ Floor Tom
  • 20″ x 16″ Bass Drum
  • 14″ x 5.5″ Snare
  • Hardware inc: cymbal stand, Hi Hat stand, Snare stand, Bass Drum pedal, throne & Tom holders.
  • Cymbal pack inc: 16″ crash/ride & 14″ hi hats

Configurations & Colours Available to Order

Loving the Roadshow but want to make it more your style?

No worries, simply give us a call today to order this beauty in a colour & set up of YOUR choice.

*Ordering depends on Pearl stock availability. Prices may vary according to configuration/colour/extra drums/shell hardware and will be confirmed before ordering.


Cymbal, hi-hat, and snare drum stands should start with a strong and well-balanced tripod base. Double-braced legs and interlocking tilter adjustments are also vital for keeping all parts of the kit in place under the pressure of performance. ROADSHOW’s included hardware package is second-to-none in its class. All stands are dual-reinforced, height and angle adjustable, and feature double-braced legs to withstand the pounding onslaught of the heavy-hitting drummer.


ROADSHOW’s included cymbal set features a 16” brass crash/ ride and a set of 14” brass/hybrid hats. Perfect for accents and timekeeping until an upgraded multi-cymbal set-up is acquired.


Formed from multiple plies of bonded hardwood, the drum shells are moulded to create a single air resonance chamber to project a note when the drum head is struck. ROADSHOW’s bass drum, tom toms, and snare feature a 9-ply Poplar shell for optimum tonal power.

The Bearing Edge is where the drum head meets the drum shell and where much of the drum’s tonal character begins. ROADSHOW’s hand-cut 45° bearing edges contact the head with precision, drawing better sound from the shell making each drum easier to tune.

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