Yamaha HXR3L 3 Leg Hexrack Drum Rack System

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The Yamaha Hexrack is inspired by Yamaha’s hex-shaped tom arm which is the latest innovation in drum rack design. All of the steel tubing used in the construction of the rack is hex-shaped. This design adds rigidity without extra weight and helps kill unwanted resonance in the tubes. The hex tubes and clamps have a matte finish to reduce fingerprints and to reduce glare from stage lights. All clamps are precision cast for smooth operation and durability. The hinged clamps used to attach drums and cymbals to the tubes wrap around a hinged synthetic ball. This allows the clamps to rotate for angle adjustment, while virtually eliminating the clamps from slipping. To reduce the number of clamps needed, the vertical tubes are fitted with a receiver that holds a cymbal boom or tom arm. The HXR3L is optimized for a 6 piece drum set configuration including floating Floor Toms.


  • HXCP44 x 1
  • HXCP36 x 1
  • HXTL33 x 2
  • HXTL23 x 1
  • HXCC x 4
  • HXTC x 4
  • HXLC x 1
  • HXLR x 4

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